Stea Font: A fun and decorative script

Stea is a fun, decorative script font created by Situjuh Nazara.

This font comes with stunning decorative characters that can be used to decorate the end and beginning of words as well as gluing words together. This allows for unique combinations that make your designs stand out.

Stea Font is free for personal use only [download here].  Support me to create more free for personal use font by donating as much as you wish to. Donation can be made via Paypal (Donate) 

For Commercial use license, get it exclusively on Creative Fabrica

View all glyphs/characters

Stea Font is design to make all the users are easily use it. Use numbers as borders or patterns to decorate your design, card, invitation and others. See these following images that may help you to use Stea Font:




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hello! I just sent a paypal donation for the use of the stea font for commercial purposes (sorry, didn’t read the website properly). Please could you confirm that’s OK. Thank you. Jay


I have received your donation and thank you for that. If the donation is payment for commercial purposes, please send me an email to I will send a confirmation for the license. If you love another fonts, please buy it on my Creative Fabrica store.

Thank you

Hello, could you tell me what font this is paired with? On the image where it says “stylistics modern calligraphy font”. Thank you so much, your font is beautiful!

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