New Font for Valentine, Wedding, and Lovely cute design

Riztteen is a lovely, elegant font with more than 540 unique glyphs.

Every letter is thin, which gives the font a classy look. Making it the perfect font for lovely and cute design such as wedding invites, Valentine Day, and personal businesses.

Rizteen is packed with lot’s of initial and terminal swashes. To see the Rizzteen font in its full potential, please check the specimen

You may also look at the previous fonts 7NTypes designed for Valentine, wedding and lovely cute design, such as Brotherina,  Stea, and July Seventh

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Robaga Rounded: Clean-smooth-rounded Sans Serif font

The Robaga Rounded Family is a sans serif family with a smooth, rounded look. It consists out of multiple fonts: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, and Black. This complete family completes your need of font as heading, sub-heading, and content for books and other printings and digital designs.

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