The combination of thickness and height makes Gobold (with 24 family) perfect for headlines, posters, leaflets, name cards, etc. I thanks for many typeface lovers and designers for using Gobold. Since it first seen on Dafont.com September 07, 2013, Gobold Font is trending that has been downloading in millions.




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Hi Nazara
I was hoping to use Gobold on a small commercial project im working on (some cycling t shirts and postcards for an event). I wanted to discuss what might be a suitable amount to donate.

I just received an email from you (below) – We have already donated via DaFont donationware. Is that OK?
Was this message not meant for me?
Thanks in advance for confirming.

Emma Davies

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Hi Emma,
I ever sent message to the email address you used for donation, the subject was “Gobold Font License”, as I usually send to whom donate for my fonts. I guess the massage was from your company email system. For further information, please contact me via my email c7nazara[at]gmail.com. Thanks!

Hello! I would like to know how much does Gobold cost if I used it in a commercial ? Approximately ? Thanks !

Hi Marthe, for Gobold Commercial license, I would like the user donate as they wish to donate, of course I expect, not less the $10 USD. The donation can be made via my paypal account c7nazara[at]gmail.com.

Hello. i would like to use both GoBold and Evogoria commercially. please let me know, as soon as possible how much that would cost. Thanks!

Hi Mark,

For Gobold Font donate as much as you wish to donate, but I hope you make it not less than $10 USD. For Evogria, donate $20 USD. Thanks!

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