Gobold High

“Look and feel! Look slim, high, and eye candy. Present a beauty of visual appealing!” That’s how I describe Gobold High, the condensed types of Gobold font.

I have uploaded the updated file of Gobold fonts (Version 1.100) and added 12 variants (Gobold High Regular, Bold, Thin; Gobold Uplow; Gobold Lowplus; and  Gobold Extra1).

Gobold Fonts are free for personal use. For Commercial Use, buy the license on my Creative Fabrica [click here]. Try it free for personal use, download on  Dafont or 1001fonts  (Donation is much appreciated)

Gobold High Picture-1 Gobold High Picture-2 Gobold High Picture-3

See the Gobold Hight Visual on Prezi (Gobold High Font -Kinetic Typography)

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Hi I am currently working on T-shirt designs with a company that will manufacture and sell them. We are thinking that we might use your “gobold” for one of the designs and wanted to go about getting a license for the font to use commercially. Please let me know your fee and where we might make the donation if the design is picked

Michelle Liu

Hi, I would like to use Gobold throughout the graphic corporate identity of my new business.
Please contact me regarding purchasing a commercial license for this font.


Hi Nazara.

My company is interested in using your font for our business cards and informational packages (brochures, pamphlets, etc). Please contact me so we can further discuss if this is feasible.


Hey Nazara,

I am a freelance graphic designer and I would like to use your Gobold typeface for my branding. Please let me know your terms of donation so that I may have the commercial license for use. Thank you!

Hi I work at an ad agency called Tiny Rebellion. We are thinking that we might use your “gobold” font for a client. How would we go about getting a license for the font to use commercially? Please let me know the best way to contact you and pay for use of the font.

Thank you!

Hi Dani,

To get the license, you may contact me via my email c7nazara[at]gmail.com, payment/donation can be sent via paypal to the email.

Hi Situjuh, I’d like to speak to you about GoBold Extra for commercial use. Please email me. Thanks.

Hi Nazara, I would like to use Gobold Lowplus for my decorative font as a calendar where Gobold Lowplus is used and sell it on Shutterstock. I could show you on email what exactly I’ve done.

Thank you!

Hi Nazara,

I am a graphic specialist and marketer for a small engineering and design firm. We would love to use your Gobold font on our business cards and other promotional material.

Thank you and great work!

Hi Nazara, orang indonesia ya? hehe mau tanya ini fontnya mau gw pake buat online portfolio gw. termasuk personal use apa commercial? tolong email soal licensenya ya. thanks 🙂

Hi Nazara,
I love your “GoBold” fonts! How would I go about getting a license for your “GoBold” fonts to use commercially?
Please email me.

Hi David,

To get the license, donate as much as you like the font or as much as you wish to donate. I expected minimum donation is $10.00 USD via my paypal account (hit the donation button under the Gobold Font). When you make a donation via Paypal, write the name of licensee. After I receive your donation, I will send you the Gobold Font for commercial agreement/license for commercial use.

Hope this can answer you question.


We would like this font (Gobold) for commercial use. probably for around 4 users initially. I will shortly make the donation on the paypal link.

Hi Nazara,
I’ve just sent you a donation of $10.00 USD via PayPal. If you could send me the commerical files, that would be great. The licensee will be ‘Harry Telfer’.

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