Glaresome is a handwritten font. It comes in 4 versions:

  • Glaresome Regular
  • Glaresome Italic
  • Glaresome Bold Italic
  • Glaresome Bold

Try Glaresome font before you buy it for commercial use. It is free, suppose it for personal use [download here]. If you want to encourage me to create more free for personal use font, donate me as much as you want to. Donation can be made via Paypal -> Click here donate.

For Commercial use license, get it on Creative Fabrica

Click here to view all the glyphs/characters


Made from November 2015 till January 2016, Xacose–a shield-shape-like font–finally available online. This font is better for posters or other ads displays. It is free for personal use, but donation of minimum $10 US for commercial use. Enjoy it.


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Monophiser Font Pic2

Simple, clean, and stylish might describe the Manophiser font, a basic various sanserif font. Most of the lowercase letters are designed and arranged with the same height with uppercase and used in the lowercase, except a, e, g, i, j, m, n, t, u, and y. So, users freely select and match–combine them in words as they like; Using all CAPS also looks worthy.

Manophiser font are free for personal use. Donate minimal $10 USD for commercial use.

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